The Tide Against Prop 8 in California Gains Momentum


Even as right wing and fundamental religious forces pump millions of dollars into the passage of Proposition 8 in California which would effectively ban same sex marriage in the state, there has been a resurgence in the popular tide to defeat it.

Since the California Supreme Court ruled that same sex marriages were legal, hundreds of California families have seen their sons and daughters finally gaining civil rights long denied to them. This issues has become not simply a gay issue but a family issue, a human issue.

This is fight is about not eliminating fundamental rights of American citizens.  Grass roots efforts can defeat Proposition 8.

Parents of same sex couples have come out in force to urge voters to defeat this measure as seen in recent media releases on TV. 

For those interested in volunteering or donating to efforts leading to the defeat of Proposition 8, please visit :

One thought on “The Tide Against Prop 8 in California Gains Momentum

  1. Of course I support the fight against Prop 8 (called Prop Hate by some), this reply is about the commercial you posted above.

    The first time I saw it, I was busy fast forwarding through it (as I do most commercials with my DVR) and I actually stopped and rewound to watch this commercial since it caught my eye.

    The reason it caught my eye and seemed to require watching? Because I thought the lady in it was actually Eric Idle, from Monty Python!!!! I swear to God, I actually thought that he was dressed up in drag and making a mock commercial, maybe for a new movie or TV special?, and that they dubbed the voice. It was so disconnected to see a real woman’s voice come out of Eric Idle’s face.

    Here’s a link to Eric Idle’s picture, so you can maybe see where I was coming from:

    Maybe it’s hard for others to see, but I would have sworn on a stack of Bible’s it was him.

    Oh well, down with 8!


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