“Skins” Continues to WOW Me!


Nicholas Hoult

Nicholas Hoult






Skins, the teen centered drama on BBC America, continues to amaze me with its rich writing and talented cast with every episode I watch.  I am convinced that this show is one of the best shows on TV today.   

The last episode I saw centered on the deconstruction of the narcissistic character, Tony, played to the perfection by Nicholas Hoult. He is the good looking kid who gleefully manipulates everyone around him that it has become so habitual that he does it unconsciously. When someone does not respond to him, he cannot stand it and then does everything in his power to win that person back.


April Pearson

April Pearson

With each episode we have see how one by one, each of his friends finally tire of his antics especially after he is discovered by his girlfriend, Michelle, played by April Pearson, fooling around with a boy.  Now Tony is not really gay, he just did that because he could do it. Yep, he was that sleazy.   

Well, he finally goes too far, and in the episode that I watched recently, we learn more about why Tony is the way he is and we see teenage revenge played out. The writing is so intelligent and done so authentically, that the drama is gripping and you find that the characters (even Tony) empathetic.


The Boys of Skins

The Boys of Skins


It really captures “teenage-dom” as it really is, a very complicated and often harrowing period of life. The show is seen through the lens of the teenage mind with an occasional third person point swing back view to gain some broader perspective.   

Skins does not contain the glam up storylines we see in such frothy shows like the Gossip Girl and 90210.  This is the down and dirty real angst stories of teenagers having to deal with the B.S. in their lives and somehow trying to survive it. 

There are times when I wish there were an occasional balanced adult figure shown. However, how many of us at that age viewed adults as balanced.  We actually only saw their flawed characteristics. It took us a while to let those judgmental filters soften and realize that they, like us, were only human.



So this is my third post on Skins.  I love this show.  It deserves to be seen by more people here in America and it deserves to be recognize for its wonderful writing and great cast.


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