Sister Dottie Tells Latter Day Saints ” No on H8te!”


Sister Dottie Dixon

Sister Dottie Dixon

Blogger, Radio Personality. Podcaster, Drag Personality Sister Dottie Dixon brings both humor and poignant political commentary from her Spanish Fork, Utah home. She brings a voice of reason to an otherwise conservative and somewhat bigoted,  predominant Utah LDS ” Mormon” culture mind set. 


Who is Sister Dottie S. Dixon?



• Proud Mormon mother of a gay son Donnie

• Happily married to Don Dixon for 37 years

• Past President of the Spanish Fork PFLAG

• Life Member of the DUP (Daughters of the Utah Pioneers)

• Regular columnist for LDS Living

• Advocate & Watch Dog for the oppressed and downtrodden

• Plum full of dicey opinions, wisdoms and sage advice

• Full temple recommend holder (but kinda on shaky ground)

• Radio personality extraordinaire! (dontcha think?)



Listen to Dottie live Wednesdays at 1pm on KRCL 90.9 FM or streamed at

One of her lastest posts (and podcasts) is on the Church of Jesus Chirst of Latter Day Saints’ ( Mormon Church) political and monetary campaign in support of Proposition 8 in California to ban Same Sex Marriage. The church is marshaling its nearly 3/4 of a million members in the state as well as its millions of out of state members to contribute, to blog,  and to support the measure in any way they can do it. It is one of the most outright blatant moves of organized religion in the United States to influence public policy.

Sister Dottie expresses her disgust as shown in a copy of her post below.

October 06, 2008

No on H8te!

by Sister D.

Isn’t it just so sad to see so many Latter-day Saints enlisted in the cause of hate?  You just can’t talk any sense into some of ’em either!  All this business in California with that Proposition 8 has my heart close to breakin’.  My very own Church is investing millions to keep people like my son Donny from marrying the love of their lives.  And they contend it’s God’s will.  And I’ve been receiving letters from listeners who tell me they want to leave the Church because they’re so riled up.  Well I say if your gay — get the hell out!  But if your straight, stay in Church and dish out some hell! 

Sometimes Church members will tellya that contention is of the devil.  Well tell that to Martin Luther King!  If he would’ve believed that, 600 S in SLC would be named Jim Crow Blvd and blacks would STILL have to use the servants entrance of the Joseph Smith Building!  Lands!   

Conference weekend useta fill my heart with love.  But now to hear all the Brethren get up and tell the Saints to live within their means, while they are turning around and building all them new temples — Crimenently!  It makes my head dizzy just trying to make sense of it all.   

But I diverge.  I’d like to encourage all my fans to check out Mormons for Marriage.  They’se a group of active Mormons in California who have been working to be all Christ-like on the gay issue.  When I see how brave they all are, it reminds me of why I’m just so proud to be a Latter-day Saint.  And I aint gonna let a few homophobic apostles keep me from the Church and people I love!  And that especially includes my gay son Donny!  Families.  Isn’t about damn time?  Anywhoo, I hope you enjoy this week’s podcast.  And for all you LDS faithful who are taking a stand for all the voiceless gays — I’m proud to be numbered among you!

With love,

Sister D.

 Sister Dottie’s Website:

2 thoughts on “Sister Dottie Tells Latter Day Saints ” No on H8te!”

  1. I am surprised that you claim your LDS-ness and speak out against the “Lord’s anointed,” a key tenet of the religion. I suppose one could consider themselves culturally LDS and not theologically LDS. But one thing seems clear to me, you are listening to what the church leaders are saying. The support for Prop 8 is about making a stand on a moral issue. They have never promoted hate, but in fact been EXPLICIT that Christ clearly taught that we are to love the sinner, because we are all sinners.

  2. Sister Dottie echoes other christian churches and other Mormons who have not hide behind the words of Christ to politicize their bigotry against a group of people.

    They do not agree and are frankly appalled by the organized effort and financial investment by the Mormon Church and other groups to pass Prop 8. It is legislated hate. No reference to scripture or justification to such masks it. There is no love shown by it.

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