On Eagle Wings – Spending Time with My Father Again


While I was searching for a video clip on You Tube, I came across one which was a clip to the the religious song, On Eagle Wings.  It was one of those moments, that struck me emotionally unaware and unprepared. You see, it was the song that my brother, David, sang at my father’s funeral in 1984.  I was barely 23 years old when he passed away.

My father had passed away from a long term neuromuscular disease. He was was only 48 years old. Playing that song, brought back a lot of memories and feelings that I had not revisited in a long time. There were mostly feelings of longing.  I genuinely miss my dad. 

Our relationship was not a particularly smooth one , at least not until towards the end of his life, but it was one in which I can say there was a love that existed between a father and son.

That father and son bond is strong and death does not seem to break it.  I am actually glad that I found the song and had some moments alone with my father.  It was good to feel like his son again.

2 thoughts on “On Eagle Wings – Spending Time with My Father Again

  1. What a beautiful song! When I heard it, tears came to my eyes. First, for my grandfather (my Dad’s Dad), we were very close and I lost him just before I turned 7, in 1966. Secondly, My Father, who, during his working career as an engineer worked on the Apollo11 (Remember, the Lunar Module was the “Eagle”) and ever since I can remember, my Dad was always “Soaring with Eagles”. Thirdly, my adopted son, Jeff (June 12, 1981-May 19, 2009) was very special and I thought of him as one of my “Eaglets” and now his son, Jeffrey Jr. makes me feel like I am a soaring eagle watching over him. Also my Natural Sons and Daughter are being watched by eagles, when I am not there.

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