Mitch Hewer – Brings Maxxie to Life on 2nd Season of Skins

The 2nd season of Skins, started with an amazing dance sequence, with the camera focused on the good looking Maxxie played by Mitch Hewer. Maxxie dances, sings and is the gay character on the show. Hewer is straight in real life but has already turned in some great acting in several strong story lines so far this season. The most recent one featured a female stalker who flattened her breasts so Maxxie would like her because she looked like a boy.

Mitch Hewer

Mitch Hewer

The whole episode was based on teenage obsession played out against a high school musical on 9/11 in which Maxxie is the lead. There is a lot of singing and craziness. It is done with perfect cadence as  you see this girl sink deeper into that kind of teenage insanity that goes beyond a normal crush. It is beautifully orchestrated.

Mitch "Maxxie" Hewer Dances


Skins is so well written and with actors like Hewer in the cast, it is a powerhouse of a show worth watching on BBC America.

Hewer who recently finished his contract with Skins was signed on for a new series called Britannia High.

Maxxie’s Season 2 Dance Scene

17 thoughts on “Mitch Hewer – Brings Maxxie to Life on 2nd Season of Skins

  1. simplesmente maravilhoso td d bom lindo omg xtou viciado em ver essa cara e corpo lindo perfeio i fuckin love u mitch hewer whaooooh!!!

  2. Ohhh…!!
    I Love You Mitch Hewer…!!
    Hay es SAuper LiindoOo Es BellooOo
    y Me encanto en La Serie de ♥”SKINS”♥ Ahi
    Lo empeze a Amar es Bello Lo adoro
    Me encanta Maxxie Osea Mitch…!!♥ xD Los Adoro.

  3. Ohhhhhh…!!
    I Love You Mitch Hewer..!!
    aA Me encanta Mitch es Super Bello
    Lo Adoro es Unico me encanto
    en la Serie de ♥”SKINS”♥ Lo AdoroOoOo
    Aaaah Amo a Maxxie Osea a Mitch Bello…!!
    LO ADOROoOoOoO I Love You..♥♀♥

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