The Amazing Race Season 13 and the New Zealand Challenge

From Travelocity Gnomes atop tall towers, to stomping Kiwi fruit for juice, to sailing on land and then facing down Maori Warriors, Episode 4 brought challenges and injuries to Season 13’s competitors of the Amazing Race as they track down clues in New Zealand.

We say goodbye to Marisa and Brooke

We say goodbye to Marisa and Brooke

Sadly, we loss our two Southern belle blondes, Marisa and Brooke, who came in last. They were like our doublemint Penelope Pitstop ( boy! that ages me!). I would have rather seen the two bitches, Kelly and Christy hit the road. Boy! they sure are getting higher on the bad-o-meter. They are both divorcees. I bet thelr exes are glad they are free from these high maintenance fem-zillas!

Ken and Tina made it first. They are so likable and they have a great story. They are actually a separated couple and somehow you hope this experience may be the thing they need to start the road back together. Mom and son team, Toni and Dallas are alo high on the likable list. They came in the top three.

Welcoming the Competitors to the Finish Line

Welcoming the Competitors to the Finish Line

Nick and Starr, arch enemies of the fem zillas, made it through with Starr incuring some injuries. Nick is especially a hottie. Aja and Ty are about to kill each other. We will see if their relationship survives the race. Andrew and Dan were able to place their best finish at 6th place.

Tune in next Sunday. It looks like the fem-zillas are up to their old tricks again.

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