OK, Straight Boys, If Prop 8 Does Not Pass, Straight Women Will Boycott!

Music Artist Ben Lerman posted a song on his web site in the “We are the World” spirit calling on a unique boycott by Straight Women if anti-gay legislation Proposition 8 in California passes.  Ben and the Choir of Change belt out the delightful “Cocksuckers of the World Unite.”  


 Using the ultimate threat that all straight men fear – not getting any– the song brings the power of the sisters into play to help their gay BFF’s out in their time of need!

Similar anti-gay battles in Florida and Arizona are also being decided on Tuesday, Nov. 4th.   To my fellow Californians, remember to vote NO on Prop 8!

Ben Lerman’s Webiste:  http://www.benlerman.net/

I first heard of Ben on the Award winning podcast, Feast of Fools: http://www.feastoffools.net/

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