“W” Oliver Stone’s Movie on Bush is a Caricature


Josh Brolin as Dubya

Josh Brolin as Dubya





“W” the Oliver Stone movie about our current President George W. Bush is not one of his best films and really was more of a caricature of a film.  It was closer to Dukes of Hazzard than to All The President’s Men. 

Before, I go on.   (To my friend, Robert, this was a last minute idea to see this movie.  Gary went home after shopping and left me in the city. I decided to see what was over at the Metreon and saw the movie was playing in 5 minutes. So I decided to watch it.  I would have called you otherwise.   So please do not lecture me after you read this postJ) 

Josh Brolin does capture the character of the Dubya well and I do give him credit for some good acting, but the plot and character development seemed disjointed. The film did a good job about portraying the Bush cabinet like a bunch of idiots but it was too cartoonish.   It did not resonate with the kind of intelligent layering and complication that goes into this kind of modern political analysis. 



The story of the Bush Presidency will be studied in hindsight through historical perspective with both critical and, with some more scholarly, break down of the development of events. 

The Stone film does leave you with one feeling though.  It leaves you with the realization that America has been through a really hard and relentless 8 years under this President. Whether you are his friend or foe, Dubya has left his mark on all of us and on this country for the ages to come.

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