Why I am at Work on “Day Without a Gay”



I wanted so much to join in the national protest today to call into work to tell them I was not coming into work on Dec. 10th -Today!   This is part of the symbolic statement by the LGBT community that society may try to deny us our rights but we surely in return can deny them our labor and money… impacting the economy.

You know there are enough of us out there with enough money and with a great work ethic, that  a day without gay, could mean a hit on the bottom line.

In my case, the real protest was to actually show up to work. You see I am one of many who have been given notice of a layoff.  For me to take off work would not have had any impact. They are trying to get rid of me any way. There are also 3 other LGBT members in our department getting the ax. We are all showing up to show them that we are not disappearing that easily.  Okay one is on PTO, but he is here in spirit drinking that maitai on the beach. Double snaps to that!

In all seriousness, the LGBT community will continue its efforts of building awareness and support to show that it will not accept second class citizentry.

I Have A Dream —

Gay, Bi, and Transgendered Rights

By Captain Benji  ( 15 years old)


I have a dream


That one day


When someone asks me who I like

That I can proudly point to that woman

And not face prejudice

Because I am also a woman



I have a dream


That one day


I can proudly go to my conservative grandpa

And tell him I am a lesbian

That I am a gay woman and proud

And not watch him turn away in disgust



I have a dream


That one day


I can walk hand-in-hand with my girlfriend

And not have people stare in disgust

That we can love each other

And not face the threat

Of being hurt by some stranger

Who doesn’t agree



I have a dream


That one day


That when the next little boy

Tells his parents he thinks he is gay

That they will NOT ignore it

Or try to tell him that he is sick

And send him away

So he can be “healed”



I have a dream


That one day


That when the next teenaged girl

Tells her parents she’s a lesbian

That they won’t kick her out of the house

And that they will still love her

And not only accept the fact

But embrace it



I have a dream


That one day


A guy or a girl

Can tell his or her best friend

That he or she is bisexual

And not be confronted by the stereotype

That is offten associated with such



I have a dream


That one day


My friend can tell her lover

That she was once in the body of a man

And not have her lover leave

Even though she was never really a man



I have a dream


That one day


A gay teen

Can come out to his best friend

And expect his friend to stand by him

And stick up for him

And continue to be his friend



I have a dream


That one day


Two lovers should be able to marry


Of whether they are a Man and a Man

A Man and a Woman

Or a Woman and a Woman



I have a dream


That one day


A child shall be able to live with his proper parents

Who raised him, and loved him

And taught him right from wrong

And not be taken away from them

Just because he has two mothers



I have a dream


That one day


That I can talk to my pastor

And tell him that I’m gay

And not have him try to cure me

And have him tell me that it doesn’t matter

That God loves us all the same



I have a dream


That one day


The world will come together

And embrace Homosexuality

And the Transgendered

And it would be considered a hate crime

To treat them any less than a person

Because that is what they really are



That we will be able


To proudly come out to the world

And not be afraid



I have a dream


That one day


We will be accepted

Not only into this country

But in the entire world

And places beyond



That is my dream


One thought on “Why I am at Work on “Day Without a Gay”

  1. aw. i hope you don’t get axed just because you’re gay. if you are, then i’m sure we’d all rally behind you. i was at work today too, lol. just too much stuff to do to skip. feeling a little bit guilty, but i hope day without a gay worked for other areas

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