Sakis Rouvas as Hot as Ever

Sakis Rovas

Sakis Rouvas

A good friend of mine from Paris sent me an e-mail with pictures of one of the most handsome men I have ever seen. He is the infectious Greek singer, Sakis Rouvas.  His illustrious career has albums and singles back since 2004.

This past year it was reported that he was selected as the Most Sexiest man on the planet. I am not sure who made that selection but there is no argument on my part.


Not only was he known early for his singing talents but he also was known for gymnastics and pole vaulting representing his country on the national team.


 In Greece, Rouvas is their equivalent of an Elvis Presley drumming up Beatles like hysteria. Last year, his album,  This is My Life, was a mega hit. The handsome star has also graced several magazine covers which has also equated to big issue sales.




 He also has starred in the Greek Film Alter Ego which was released in 2007.

Sakis Rouvas at the 2008 MAD Awards

Shake it

 Ola Kala

Disco Girl


Press Kit Information from /


2007 proved to be a very productive year for Sakis Rouvas. His latest CD entitled “There is love here” (Yparhei agapi edo) becomes platinum within the first month of its release. He begins shooting for his first movie “Alter Ego”, which is one of Village Roadshow’s most expensive productions. At the same time the movie’s soundtrack containing the hit “Live Life” (Zise ti Zoi) is released in January 2007.  At the end of the same month, Sakis visits Thessalonica for one more concert supported by Vodafone. 4,500 fans filled the Pallai de Sport stadium to watch his performance and show their admiration. On the 20th of February, Sakis Rouvas sings for Nova’s Oscar Night. Accompanied by an orchestra, he gives flawless renditions of songs that have won Oscar awards throughout the history of cinema. At the end of April, in the context of Vodafone’s big fete, he gives a huge concert at Syntagma Square. On the day of the concert, hours before it began, the roads surrounding Syntagma Square, were crammed with people waiting to enjoy another of Sakis’ spectacular appearances. In the beginning of May, the film “Alter Ego” hits the screens and immediately wins everyone over


On November 8th at Zappeion, at an event organized by Vodafone for the promotion of its new internet service, Sakis excites the guests, setting the pace for the evening. His impressive appearance with an “Alter Ego” look, and his rendition of “Live Life” (Zise ti Zoi), “A lifetime together” (Mia zoi mazi) and “Everything revolves around you” (Ola gyro sou gyrizoun) won him rounds of enthusiastic applaud.


Parallel to his professional and artistic activities, Sakis has also become actively involved in social issues, especially in recent years. Since 2005 he has participated in the Greek Anti-Cancer Society Campaign. He is also the only Greek artist who boasts all four circles representing different campaign messages (green circle – healthy diet, orange circle – protection from the sun, red circle – physically health, blue circle – clean environment), as a strong adherent and representative. In February 2006, Sakis becomes actively involved in an anti-AIDS campaign whilst in May 2007 he stars in a campaign by OPAP, promoting Voluntary Blood Donation. His involvement in this cause reaches its peak on the 10th of September 2007, with a concert held in Lycabettus for the purposes of the Panhellenic Association of Volunteer Blood Donors, Donors of Human Tissues and Organs and Biological Products under the auspice of the Ministry of Health.


The 12th of December, saw the release of Sakis’ first CD/DVD from a big concert. It is the audio and video recording of his autumn Live at Lycabettus, in a special edition entitled Sakis Rouvas: This is My Live. From the songs “Don’t resist” (Min andistekese) and “Make me” (Kane me), from the artist’s first steps in the music scene, to “Everything revolves around you” (Ola gyro sou gyrizoun) and an amazing rendition of “Small Titanic” (Mikros Titanikos), it was as if all songs from previous live concerts by Sakis were joint together for the concert of the year. Something like the cover of the album Sakis Rouvas: This is my Live. The brand new song “On 31 Roads” (Stous 31 Dromous), already loved by audiences, is included in the CD, and this is only the first of the surprises…


Seventeen years after his first appearance on the music scene, Sakis still believes that his most important distinction is the one he holds in his fans’ hearts. When asked what he intends to do next in order to continue his success he answers: 


“You ain’t seen nothing yet…”




Arion :

5th Awards Ceremony Pop Singer

(CD “S’Eho Erotefthei”)

Pop Album (CD “S’Eho Erotefthei”)


4th Awards Ceremony Highest CD Single Sales (CD Single “Shake It”)


3rd Awards Ceremony Pop Singer (CD “To Chrono Stamatao”)


1st Awards Ceremony Pop Singer (CD “Disco Girl”)




Mad Video Music Awards :


2007 Best dance video clip of the year: “Ola Giro Sou Girizoun” (Everything Revolves Around You)


2006, Best Video by a Male Artist

(“Na m’Agapas”)

Best Dressed Artist in a Video (“Mila Tis”)


2004, Sexiest Artist in the Video (“Pes Tis”)




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  2. Arash and Aysel,sakis rouvas number one singers eurovision 2009.I love them.Always and this is our night -the best musics 2009

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