Christmas Cards Bring the Christmas Spirit


Some people may find the tradition of sending Christmas cards a dying tradition. Others may find it an annoyance or a perfunctory impersonal obligation.  I guess opinions run the gamut of the spectrum.  I actually find it be one of those holiday traditions that bring us closer to the spirit of the season when compared to a lot of the other things that we do this time of year.


Even if the cards only contain a signature or a generic Christmas letter, there was a moment spent by someone thinking about someone else sending a heartfelt message. This includes e-cards.  Simple gestures that can be sent on the internet free, in most cases, that only require a little time. Cards require some investment in money, stamps and a little time.


Even if it is only once a year, there is something about pausing to think about loved ones and friends, to wish them well with a card.  Perhaps it will give one impetus to contact these people more often in the coming year.  There is a warmth that comes into the heart when preparing the cards to send out because memories often flood into our minds of these wonderful people in our lives.


Of course, there is also the smile that comes to one’s face when one gets a card in the mail or in e-mail.  Nothing brings the holiday spirit into my soul more than those quiet moments reading those cards and thinking about the people who sent them to you.


So sending Christmas Cards may sound old fashioned, but I cannot imagine the Holidays without them.  


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