The Power of Connecting with Eachother




Yesterday, Gary and I were out shopping taking advantage of the sales in the city and we ended the night out on the Castro. It was nice seeing some of our friends and making new ones.


This past week brought home to people the power of connecting with each other as humans. Technology has now given us an additional variety of other ways to do it. We received calls, e-mails, text messages, IM’s, e-card, letters, Christmas cards, and gifts. Then there are, of course the best way, the face to face meetings with the hugs, embraces and kisses.


Human connection is such an integral part of our species and social nature. I know there may be some we may not want to connect with at times, but generally there is need to be with each other that enlivens our existence.


I was especially appreciative of my friends and family this holiday season. I actually savored whatever form of connection I have had with them. Life is too short not to appreciate these moments of life. These are the moments that count and make it sweet.


With 2009 fast approaching and the challenges ahead, I believe that the only way to meet them is to do it together. No one should stand alone. Everyone should be connected together.

2 thoughts on “The Power of Connecting with Eachother

  1. I love the picture you posted. I could write a story about it. Thanks for commenting on my site. I had to come check out your blog.
    I also took advantage of the great after Christmas sales. Probably a little too much 🙂
    {Human connection is such an integral part of our species and social nature…No one should stand alone.} Great post. How very true. Great reminder to value people.

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