A Saturday Night Out in the Castro



Gary had to finish some requirements for his recertification for his teaching certificate that required some hours of concentrated work at home.  Of course, that left me no alternative but to hit the Castro. Yeah, I know. It took some arm twisting but I had to sacrifice so he could have the quiet time. Yeah…somehow, I did not think you would believe me.


Being out on the Castro District in San Francisco on a Saturday Night with friends on a Saturday night is stepping into an entire world uniquely its own. It is like Disneyland, Mardi Gras and a touch of Vegas wrapped up into one. During the holiday season it is more festive. Heck, forget the holiday season; it is the same every weekend.


I stopped by the Midnight Sun first which is a Video bar. They show video clips of music videos and also comedy clips. It is a great place to mingle with friends and also get to meet new people.  My regular buddies were not there, but I was able to meet a couple of new guys and chat a bit. One of them loves to play Poker.  I invited him to our annual New Year’s Eve Poker game party at our friend Rick’s house.


I then went up to a bar called the Edge since I know some of my friends like to go there. It is not a favorite bar of mine because it has a very bad smell. I did not see any of my buddies there. I then walked over to 440 and then the Bar on the Castro but neither place was going strong. I then went to Badlands.


Badlands has a small dance area in the back and has a younger crowd.  It was more packed with people.  I saw my friend Chris there. We had a great time talking and watching people. I had a great time watching my friend Chris flirt. When gay men flirt and are interested in each other, there is less of a dance then in a straight situation with a man and a woman. It is easier to get from point A to Z with two men. The energy level was so upbeat in the club and the music was great. I was enjoying myself a great deal. Chris was good company.


Well, before I knew it he met a guy and they were doing a little lip action so I decided to excuse myself and headed down to another club called the Mix. There are a group of Latino friends that called me to let me know they were hanging out there.


Oh by the way,  since I am one of the locals, people are so used to seeing Gary and I together, that when one of us is missing, we are always being asked where the other one is at by people we know. It is kind of nice to know that people care enough to inquire. It also shows how nosy our queer family is .J


My friend George and his twin brother Jimmy were at the Mix with their friends.  George and I are good friends. This was the first time that I met his twin, Jimmy. Both of them are gay.  Jimmy has been in a relationship with someone a little less than a year. We talked a lot about that and relationships in general. Like our straight counterparts, most people would love to find a life partner. For many it is not easy.  It is just part of what makes us human.



While, I was there Chris text messaged me. Apparently, the kisser did not work out. As Chris put it, “All that happened was sampling.”  LOL.  All you can do is laugh and move on.


Chris joined us at the Mix. We eventually all ended up at Badlands. I must admit, there lots of beautiful men out on Saturday night. Chris said it was hard to focus. All of us continued to enjoy each other’s company.  Finally the night came to an end. George and friends left first.  Chris and I said goodbye at the corner of Castro and 18th.  He went home alone – at least at that point. I do not know if he met someone between that corner and where he parked his car. Believe me anything is possible in the Castro.


George left a message on my voicemail informing me that if I am too tired or don’t feel I should drive home that I can bunk out at his place. I really appreciate my friends watching over me. I called Gary to let him know I was about to cross over the bridge to Oakland.


It was a nice Saturday night out in the Castro.

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