A Lifelike Story – A New Alternative Rock Sound


One of the newest bands to come out recently, A Lifelike Story has caught my attention. I especially like their single, We’ve Got the Night.  Their lead singer is Taylor Ruggieri, on guitar is Bryan Welsh and on bass is Garrett Hoffman. They bring a distinctive sound to the alternative rock scene that is contemporary and represents the next generation of the music genre.



























Their debut EP “Flowers for Wednesday” has taken flight with a growing fan base that has been largely generated through social networks like MySpace and Face book. What videos they have are also posted on You Tube. They are also putting in the work of doing as many gigs to get their music out.




The early signs show that this band will continues its rise in popularity and their talent certainly justifies it. Their music can be purchased on their social network sites or on iTunes.



Photography by Alyssa Guttadaro

Photography by Alyssa Guttadaro


This is one band to watch out for in the industry and should get heavy rotation in your playlist. 



We’ve Got the Night Music Video

Dawn of Disaster – Flowers for Wednesday

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