ATWT’s Luke and Noah Finally Do It!

Luke ( Van Hansis) and Noah ( Jake Silberman)

Luke ( Van Hansis) and Noah ( Jake Silbermann)


On As the World Turns, finally a momentous event has happened, Luke ( played by Van Hansis)  and Noah ( played by Jake Silbermann), the on and off again gay lovers reconciled and consummate their relationship. In soap opera years, it has taken centuries for this to happen since the pair met in one of the groundbreaking open gay relationship storylines portrayed on daytime TV.
ATWT has been able to weave credible gay characters where sexuality issues become secondary to the individual characters’ own personalities and life stories.  The sameness in terms of the quest for love and the reality of heart break is a shared human experience no matter our gender or sexual preference.  Congratulations Luke and Noah!  I am sure there will be a new twist to the plot story for these two guys. After all, it is a soap opera.


Luke and Noah – Blessed

Luke and Noah – Everytime We Touch

Luke and Noah – This I Promise You

6 thoughts on “ATWT’s Luke and Noah Finally Do It!

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  2. As a male in my early twenties I shouldn’t be into this show but I totally watch as the World Turns and love it!

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