Stephen Lynch – Edgy, Funny, Musical Comedy


Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch has described himself as a “musician trapped in a body of a comedian.”  He is now also a stage musical actor having recently played the title role of the theatrical production of The Wedding Singer.


Stphen Lynch

Stphen Lynch




His comedy is presented through music that is witty, irreverent and edgy. It has an adolescent veneer over very smart and funny material. He has real presence on stage that completely wins over the audience.


Lynch was born in Pennsylvania. His love of music was a life long. He played in a band in college called Steel Toast. He then went to New York to pursue acting. During this time he penned some comedic songs and started to play the club circuits.


He got his big break on Comedy Central scoring one of the highest rated shows of the channel.


Lynch is continuing to tour  with his 3 Balloons tour with Comedy Central.

Stephen Lynch Official Website  – Current Tour Date Schedule Listed

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