Male Beauty Celebrated!

Matt Woods Courtesy of DNA

Matt Woods Courtesy of DNA

The male form continues to be celebrated in increasing numbers throughout many forms of media. It has been used as a powerful advertising tool not only to appeal to the gay and female population, but also to the straight male population.

Physical health, hygiene, and fashion continue to become part of every man’s daily life no matter what the sexual preference and we see this reflected in our society. It is still not to the level that women are subjected to but these pressures are growing on the male side of the coin.

The demand for male models, the number of male calendars, the increase in male beauty products are all a result of these trends.

The pictures below are simply a sampling of the multiple of images in the media. It is a celebration of all things male!


OFFICIAL:NAKED FOR A CAUSE Australian Footballers Calendar

Hot Men of Arabia

The Hottest Latin Men In The World

Hot Asian Men

Hot Black Male Models

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