Freedom to Marry Hosts Video Contest


Freedom to Marry is a gay and non gay partnership that brings together people from all walks of life to being about Marriage Equality for Same Sex couples and their families. Many prominent Americans from political, religious, business, entertainment and activist fields are involved in what has been termed as the most poignant civil rights movement of this generation.

Their strategy has been to reveal on the very human level the effects of such discrimination on individuals and their children in terms of basic government and social rights and services. Telling these stories has helped take away the propaganda and fear tactics used by the opposition. The personal stories become the great argument for change and the end to discrimination.

To spread awareness, the Freedom to Marry organization has asked individuals to post videos on YouTube for people to rate that best explains why marriage equality is important. The last day to upload a video is Feb. 6, 2009.

The winners get the following prizes:

1st Place gets $1,000 and 2nd Place gets $500.

Here are the submissions to this point. Please rate your favorite!


Freedom to Marry Week

12th Annual Observance

February 8-14, 2009


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