Joel Rush – Male Beauty and He Knows It!

True Beauty Contestant Joel Rush has recently been landing model contracts and is considered one of the hottest male models around.   He is down to earth and is refreshingly candid.


Photography By Hudson Wright


Photography By Hudson Wright


Photography By Hudson Wright


Photography By Hudson Wright


Photography By Hudson Wright




American model Joel Rush  Photo Courtesy of The Insider

American model Joel Rush Photo Courtesy of The Insider

American model Joel Rush Photo courtesy of The Insider

American model Joel Rush Photo courtesy of The Insider

From Joel Rush Official Web Site:


Joel Rush has been involved in modeling/acting since 2001 when he was first scouted by a photographer when he played college football from 99 to 03 for the Butler University Bulldogs. After graduation While working as a software professional in the healthcare industry Joel took various modelling assignments knowing one day that he would pursue the arts full time. Currently, he is a contestant on ABC’s ( new hit reality television show, True Beauty, produced by Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks, and has his first independent film, Exit 727, an Insubordinate Productions ( project being released this Spring and debuting at Cannes Film Festival.

Rush is humbled to be a part of the show. To be a part of such an entertaining show produced by such influential entertainment professionals, Ashton Kutcher and Tyra Banks is such an opportunity to let the American public get to know him.

Currently, Rush is focusing on being “real” through pursuing his acting and modelling career.

Born in Kokomo, Indiana, Joel is from humble beginnings and was raised extremely well being taught to always reach for the stars while never forgetting where you come from. Rush attended college and lived in Indianapolis, IN for 7 years after high school then moved south to Florida to accept a position with a specialty software firm. Rush is currently living on both coasts in New York City and Los Angeles. In his down time, he enjoys playing flag football, training at the gym and playing golf. Rush also loves to pal around with his French bulldog Teddy.

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