Self-Confessed Blog Lover – Tasithoughts #500 Post


This is a milestone post. It is #500 since I started blogging back in May 2008. I cannot believe it but it has been my hobby, my voice, my entertainment, and, yes, my obsession.

My posts have had some themes but it truly has been more of a random collection of my thoughts. Tasithoughts is a combination of two things. The word “Tasi” simply means “beach” or “ocean” in my native language of Chamorro from Guam. The name reflects my boyhood past time of sitting by the beach and day dreaming and thinking about many things. That is why I added the word “thoughts.”

Blogging has given me the opportunity to connect with many people across the world. I have been personally in touch with people in the music, TV, theatre and film industry. I have connected with people from all walks of life. I have debated with people with differing opinions from my own.

Blogging has allowed me to rediscover and write about my native Chamorro culture. It has allowed me to write about my island home of Guam and my family. It has reconnected me to branches of my family that I have never met before.

Blogging has allowed me to speak out about this great movement for civil rights for the LGBT community. I have been able to advocate for the life that I have built with my partner Gary and its validity to exist – and to be recognized by the laws of this great country of ours.

I have been able to celebrate the movies, the music, the television, the art, the poetry, and the humor of our culture through blogging.

It has allowed me to write, which however weak in talent I possess, has been a joy for me. Writing is where I find myself and where I craft my soul into words on paper.

I will continue to blog and I know it will continue to change and develop as technology emerges. However, the art of communication and the ability to express ideas freely will always be part of my life’s adventure.

Thank you being part of it.  Please continue to stay on the ride with me.

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