Lunch with Kiku

Frank Toves at Gyoza Yotai Restaurant

Frank Toves at Gyoza Yotai Restaurant

It is amazing how time does not dull true friendship.  I went by the newly opened Gyoza-Yatai Restaurant in Tumon, Guam the other afternoon to see my dear friend, Frank Toves. We are High School buddies that have a lot of history between us.

We were Student Body officers at John F. Kennedy Senior High School.  We were in the Guam Youth Congress. We were in AFJROTC. We were both active in the politics as youth in Guam. Frank introduced me to the Mormon Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints). We both went to BYU.  I went and served a mission. We both got married and had children. We both returned to Guam. I became a Mormon Church Leader.  I left Guam back to Utah.  I came out of the closet and divorced. Frank and his family remained in Guam and have remained associated with the church.

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Throughout those years we have remained in contact and it has been a friendship of no judgments and supports. Frank has met my partner, Gary, who I have been with for nearly 11 years now.


Frank has been the Manager of Sam Choy, and worked for the Governor in the Agana Historical Office.  He recently assumed the management of the trendy Gyoza Yatai restaurant which features Japanese inspired Chinese dishes with its freshly made gyoza fusion dishes. I recommend this place to anyone who wants a unique dining experience with excellent food at reasonable prices. Frank Toves and his staff are consummate professionals who cater to your every need so it truly is a pleasure eating out there with friends and family.

Frank always had the nickname “Kiko” of “Kiku” since I have known him.  One of the things I have always enjoyed about Frank’s company was our conversations about everything from the mundane to the deepest spiritual or intellectual concepts. That was always where we related the most and for me finding someone my age who thought like that was hard to find back then on Guam. We shared so much of High School journey and early college experiences together.

The Bar at Gyoza Yatai Restaurant

The Bar at Gyoza Yatai Restaurant

Frank had some real challenges thrown at him and he was able to rise above them. He did not have much of a support system. He truly is a self-made man.  His legacy and life has been built by what he has truly earned.

I know that he and his wife have worked hard to raise their children and to give them a life in Guam.  His family has been his top priority and he has given up a lot for them.  I still think that if given the opportunity Frank’s greatest contribution would be to be a political leader on Guam. He has the intelligence and the savvy to navigate the political waters of Guam in the 21st century. I think the island needs fresh leaders like him.

Gyoza Yatai Restaurant Tumon, Guam

Gyoza Yatai Restaurant Tumon, Guam

It was nice sitting and chatting with my friend.  It was like old times tempered by time and age.  I am thankful for friends like him and glad that my life continues to be enriched by his presence in my life.

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