Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Disappoints


Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince was a disappointment as a film.  Either the screenplay was poorly written when it was adapted from the book or the editing was just lazy.  The result was a plotline that was choppy and disjointed which made the dramatic high points fall flat.

I read the book which was a moving masterpiece. It is one of the darkest episodes of the Potter series which deals with the death of major character. The book moved me and left me emotionally spent just the way great literature can affect the reader.

I felt angry have way through the Half Blood Prince film seeing how the commercialism won over or the lack of true filmmaking artistry was not applied to this piece of material. I felt nothing for these characters that I have grown to love in the books and previous films.

Even with some of the special effects and some of the better acting, it did not  help the film overall.

Personally, other films are worth the watch this summer. Half Blood Prince was a half ass job

8 thoughts on “Harry Potter Half Blood Prince Disappoints

  1. I agree! 100% of everything I have been looking forward to seeing for the last few years since I first read the book was gone. They even screwed up Dumbledore’s death scene. It was not at all dramatic.

    The beginning was completely different as well as dry and humorless. Unlike the book, where Dumbledore reads Sirius Black’s will at the Dursley’s. Dobby and Kreacher were gone. (No fight scene between them.)

    Tonks and Lupin were screwed up. Bill Weasley was missing along with Fleur Delacour and the battle at Hogwarts, where Bill Weasley gets his face ripped off by Fenrir Greyback. The hilarious sign in the window of Fred and George’s joke shop was gone.

    It was like they were looking through the book and intentionally removing anything funny or exciting. Maybe it was really directed by Delores Umbridge? Also, What about Crabb and Goyle disguised as girls, while keeping watch outside the room of requirement for Malfoy?

    No doubt, others thought it was great. I was very bitterly disappointed though!

  2. Agree completely.

    The film was too long, too bland and very unengaging.

    There were no mystical creatures at all and nothing to make one sit up and go…..oooooooo….that was good, they all just seemed to be sitting about talking,eating cakes and drinking.

    Very poor film with the entire audience (full house) leaving without making a sound, no applause, not a murmur.

    Very bland film that should not have left the cutting room as it did!

  3. not only is all this true but take for example when the death eaters entered hogwarts there was like this huge battle but in the movie they all just went right up to where dumbledore and draco was and then the whole dramatic death was to drawn out and in the book harry was hidden by a spell and yeah the book started with harry in a dream or that mind thing where he was seeing through like the eyes of the snake in the house with wormatil and voldemorte

  4. Also, Did anyone else notice the very bad editing job about midway through the movie? There was a scene that took place in a dark room. You could hear someone (I believe it was Malfoy) crying. Then all of a sudden it cuts over to the great hall! Something was cut out! Let us just hope that all of these scenes were just cut out instead of just not filmed at all. Maybe they will make the DVD? I think true Potter fans are owed that much after the swill we saw at the Theater. Personally, I think they should go back and fix a lot of mistakes that were made and release a Special Edition box set after all the films are released. You have two films to tell the next story with, David Yates! Don’t fuck up Deathly Hallows! It may very well end your career!

  5. I was totally disappointed in the way the movie was photographed. I know it was one of the darkest books, but I didn’t expect the film to be filmed so darkly that you couldn’t even see what was happening. The scenes with Malfoy were almost in the dark. I thought maybe you could see better once the DVD was released, but you couldn’t. Another scene was with Harry and Dumbledore in the cave. You could only truly see what was going on when the water caught on fire. What a disappointment! I was devastated to learn that David Yates will be directing the last two installments. I’m not looking as forward to them as I thought I would be and I am a true die-hard fan of the books. I don’t think you should have to strain to see what is happening in a movie.

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