4 thoughts on “Images from Guam

  1. Dear Son, the photos of Guam are truly magnificent. They provide a sense of peace and hope to us who are still emotionally affected by the suddened death of our beloved Reina Arce Leddy. As a person she shared so much love and compassion with each of us and hundreds of people on Guam and the military … we became a family so bonded with each other that in her departure we were brought together. We are experiencing a loss so great. David, her husband and my son … and your brother, is trying to be strong and courageous in facing each day without Reina, love of his life since the days of his youth. The true meaning of marriage shone in their lives together. This difficult period, brought my children together–you, Phil, David, Michele and Tim. What a gift to a mother. The photo images of the sunset, the tranquility and the beauty became Reina in her beauty (internally an externally), her smile, her love and compassion of all of us and the whole island. Thank you, son, for the photos. God bless and Love Mom.

  2. Jp what a wonderful blog, after all these years it was so cool to finally see your family. You are very lucky and I’m happy to hear you made your mother so happy. Your articles and pictures make it so much more interesting. I hope the visit brought you peace.
    By the way, on the movie, which sounds so funny, is it out now or what? Love you little bro. Kiss Gary for me, Marsh

  3. Marsha,

    Sis, thanks for your comments. Yes, despite the circumstances, it was great seeing my family again. The movie is out on DVD. It is pretty funny.



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