Jason Bateman : An Actor’s Actor

Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman

I just finished watching James Lipton’s The Actor’s Studio on Bravo in which he interviewed Jason Bateman.  I enjoyed the interview that was laced with the familiar brand of humor that this actor has given us since the days of Valerie/ The Hogan Family to the critically acclaimed Arrested Development.  His movies have ranged from Teen Wolf, to Juno and most recently the hilarious Extract.

What came across the screen was someone who was honed in on his craft born of many years of acting from childhood until now. Jason Bateman is a veteran actor who is still at the prime of his career.

He brings to his parts that great comedic timing and those “Bateisms” we have seen over the years, but he also layers into his performances emotional depth which endears him to his audience. He never brings anything one dimensional to his character. He is a master at what he does and we are given rich and wonderful acting.

He also seems to be a regular Joe that it will be easy to have coffee or a beer with and talk about everything.He has that demeanor of being accessible to his audience.

I  am looking forward to his great roles in the future.  If Jason is given the right role , I believe that he can deliver an Oscar worthy performance.  In many ways he has already.

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