College Musical – The Online Series

Sam Tsui of College Musical

Sam Tsui of College Musical

Okay, Now that Glee has captured the nation’s attention, I was surprised to find out that there was already an episodic musical series occurring on the YouTube Universe.  It is called College Musical. It is definitely not sugary sweet High School Musical but a certainly a spoof of it.

I watched all four episodes and the production is good.  It is in HD also. I laughed when the first musical number was “I want to Bone My T.A.” Sounds racy… not really when you watch it in context. Pretty funny.

The series is directed and produced by Kurt Schneider and co-written by Jake Bruene and Kurt Schneider.

Cast member Sam Tsui has a strong voice and plays well into the character of the likable nerd with the crush on the gorgeous but unavailable T.A. in his poetry class.  Kurt Schneider also wrote the songs which are actually catchy and weaved well into the story line.  Clever and naughty.

The other cast members add to a very good ensemble cast. They are: Mallory Baysek, Miles Jacoby, Teresa Williams, and Allison Wiiliams.

I am glad I discovered this gem of creativity online. Check it out on You Tube!

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