Lovevolution in San Francisco

IMG_2345It was my first time to attend the Lovevolution parade in San Francisco. It was an organic psychedelic experience that was somewhere between a 60’s throwback flower power rally, mardi gras, pride parade and rave party extravaganza that spilled over  from Market Street into the historic Civic Center of the city.


Color abound everywhere with scantily clad mostly young – heavily stoned and liquored spring breakish looking crowd.  There were the occasional older folk, some of them unabashedly naked.

Copy of IMG_2286

It was a celebration of love and sex. Peace Power was what was being permeated and good times.  I thought it was a nice change form all the depressing news  and some of the hard issues we have been tackling lately. People were smiling and having fun.


So Love Power everyone. Join the Loveveloution!


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