I Don’t Want To See Your Tightie Whities – Pull ‘Em Up Campaign!

15MR144028Tired of seeing young men and grown men wear those oversized pants that hang down and show their underwear….well now there’s a song out and a campaign to end that trend called Pull ‘Em Up!


11 thoughts on “I Don’t Want To See Your Tightie Whities – Pull ‘Em Up Campaign!

  1. HA! Nobody cares. Wow I can’t believe you actually think nobody cares. Dude, if nobody cares then why are there so many people tellin you to pull em up? ……….Dude. People care. I’m sick of seeing your nasty underwear…… ever wonder what pants are for in the first place??….to cover your under wear! Thats why they are called UNDER wear! They are to be worn UNDER the pants! Seriously.

  2. I’m so glad to have found this! Every day here in NYC I experience an onslaught of such impossible “fashion statments”. In addition to looking ridiculous, I wonder how on earth it feels! These guys actually grab onto the crotch of their pants to keep them on while walking. I doubt very much it’s comfortable. Over and over again I find myself muttering “I just don’t get it”. It seems so Anti-Body – Who on earth thinks saggy bottoms, and “waist-lines” actually UNDER the butt look good? Whatever happened to actually WEARING one’s clothes? I know we had some fairly silly clothing in the 60’s and ’70’s, but we at least WORE them. I just don’t get it – and fellas – it definitely does NOT look good, so don’t go there, ok? I could go on and on…sheesh!! STOP THE MADNESS and PULL THEM UP!!!

  3. Hey – do you know how this “fashion” was started? In prison, if you wore your pants low like this, it meant you were willing to be someones..umm..girlfriend..

    Feel so big and bad wearing them like this now?

  4. Oh, and I have always really wanted to run up behind one of these fools and pull down their pants! Have you ever seen the ones who can not use both hands to do anything cause their pants are so big they have to hold them up?

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