Election Results and Next Steps


Republicans made gains in this election, some LGBT initiatives won and others lost.  With the current economic trends and some of the debates on what policies to implement and the lack of significant changes coming to fruition,  the gains by the opposing party are not surprising.

The Topsy Turvy voting on LGBT issues is a reflection of the powerful schism mostly fueled by the religious right that is determined to undermine the civil rights gains made by the LGBT community.  The fight is on and it is a real battle of ideas backed by the money of some of the richest religious bodies of the world.

The Obama administration and the Democrats need to take lessons from this election to turn the tide by implementing significant policies that really make the difference – even if it means isolating the loud minority of naysayers ( who will continue to be naysayers under whatever circumstance ). It has to be done.   Action has to show the Change that was promised.

The LGBT community and their friends need to unite more than ever against a theocratic driven influence that continues to try to determine the course of law in the country.  We are a democracy of pluralistic beliefs and ideas where all citizens are afforded the same rights.  This must be protected and the fight for LGBT rights is a a fight for all American citizens.

The anti-LGBT rights groups’ religious and pro-family propaganda are simply fronts for their own self appointed religious beliefs driven by this obsession of being divinely selected  to be the moral vanguard of society at all costs.  They are in  a modern crusade- not caring about the collateral damage to the lives of LGBT people as a result of their theocratic quest for political power to bring about their theocratic idea of paradise on earth.

What are the next steps? The next steps are to get involve in your community,  with your elected officials and be an activist for equal rights.  Reverse the trend of this election and set it on the right course again.

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