32 thoughts on “Tarzan Zoo Prank

  1. Hermosa la foto. Yo miré la película y la serie con ese actor, alrededor de 1970, cuando se miraba televisión en blanco y negro. En 1978 llegó la televisión a color.

  2. Hahaha this is funny…. 😀 Do you know the people that made the prank

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  5. I’m sure it wasn’t the funniest, or best performed prank, but it did bring humor with the security guards, being that they were elderly..

  6. Stupid.
    Next time they should jump INTO the polar bear and Lion enclosures. Now that would be funny. But it seems you only post comments of people who liked it, so this won’t be posted.

  7. This was pretty well planned, and expensive to pull off. However; the pranksters did disrupt the zoo, probably will increase the security costs, which will then be passed onto the zoo visitors in increased costs. The pranksters should realize that all actions have a reaction. They should all volunteer their time to work at the zoo to help offsite the increased security costs.

  8. If my local zoo had this kind of happenings it could be even funnier; I’d go frequently -and it seems I’m not the only one. A greater number of visits because of this means more bucks to the zoo, so no more expensive tickets due to the “increased security cost”, and this without mentioning a pact between the zoo and the pranksters (no increased security cost needed).

  9. wow, heavy handed security! but equally how dare they upset the animals … after all being locked up in an artifical environment all day every day would upset them at all.

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