Disney’s A Christmas Carol – A Classic Masterpiece to Behold


I was reminded about something from my childhood when I went to the IMAX Theatre at the Metreon complex in San Francisco last night to watch Disney’s newly released ” A Christmas Carol.”   I was reminded about the magic of the movies and its ability to transport me to a wonderful place of imagination and adventure.

The animation was  digitally produced and had such a realism , especially when experienced in 3-D and on an IMAX screen.   The child-like wonderment came out from deep in my being and for the duration of the film I was lost in it.

I know the Charles Dickens classic by heart. I  read the book,  seen various film versions and stage productions of it.  However,  Disney has managed to reinvent it in such way to bring freshness and meaning,  in only the way that Disney does it.  The film brought me into the spirit of the season and took away every ounce of ” scroogeness ” I had left by the time the closing credits rolled.

Jim Carrey played Scrooge. He, not only brought the voice to the character, but also through computer digital magic his brought the very mannerisms to all of Scrooges’ ages of his life.  He also played several other characters in the film.  Carrey is a genius and I believe one of the best actors of our time.



The richness and details of animation were beyond beautiful. It was awe inspiring.  It was art in motion.  I think Mr. Dickens would have been pleased.

Everyone needs to see this movie.  You need to see it on an IMAX screen and in 3-D.  Enjoy the experience.  Bring the whole family.  Bring some cheer into your life.  This classic will remind you about what is truly important in life.

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