DNC Treasurer’s Criticism of Gay Blogger Fueling LGBT Discontent with Obama

Andrew Tobias
Democratic National Committee Treasurer, Andy Tobias,  recently weighed in on Gay Blogger John Aravosis’s post criticizing the Democratic Party’s lack of efforts in an email campaign from Obama’s Organizing For America to vote NO  specifically on anti-marriage efforts in Maine.   Calling out the DNC on this matter, sparked a comment fight between Tobias and Aravosis.

Tobias accused Aravosis of assisting the Republicans, while the growing consensus was that the Democratic Party was obviously not taking on actively encouraging the vote against the anti-same sex marriage measure.

Tobias finally conceded that a different strategy was used in the email campaign.  The overarching and hot issue in Maine was same sex marriage.  The lack of support from the DNC reflects what is fueling the growing discontent with the Obama administration and the Democratic Party by many in the LGBT community.

There is perceived to be a real lack of commitment in following through with the rhetoric of promises given before that brought the popular administration into the office which garnered a majority of the LGBT vote.

What has been touted as an era of Change is  beginning to be seen as  more of the same as always in politics.  Perhaps for the LGBT community,  it is an another era of promises broken.

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