Donny Osmond Wins Dancing with the Stars

Twice the age of his opponents, in a season where we saw this consummate entertainer struggle with some dance routines and then grow week after week, Donny Osmond won Dancing with the Stars.

Donny Osmond on Dancing with the Stars (ABC/ADAM LARKEY)

Donny Osmond on Dancing with the Stars (ABC/ADAM LARKEY)

This teen throb from the seventies who has reinvented himself decade after decade proves once again that  being in your early 50’s does not mean it is over in winning dance competitions or in show business.

Kelly Osbourne is also to be commended for her efforts as she placed 3rd, clearly a crowd and audience favorite and singer Mya,  placed 1st runner up.

Congratulations, Donny!

2 thoughts on “Donny Osmond Wins Dancing with the Stars

  1. I think this whole donny/ marie crap is just that. when marie didn’t win, i believe it was set up for” pepper head” to win, and it was done just like it was planned. marie got on t.v. and told it every day on entertainment tonight, which showed you it was planned. she’ not that smart. this is why it was the least watched season of them all. we’re getting tired of you insulting our intelligence. i love dance but, but from now on i’ll just look at my favorite show “So You Think You Can Dance”. “Stars” got some alot of their dancers from them anyway.

  2. Andrea,

    I appreciate your comments. Wow, you are definitely not a Donny and Marie fan. A lot of people are, though. I love So You Think You Can Dance also!

    Take care,


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