Christmas, a Boom Box and Dad

One of my fondest Christmas memories was when I was a teenager, and my father , who was retired navy, took us into the Navy Exchange on the base in Guam, and basically told us to choose out our Christmas present.

My three brothers, sister and I could not believe our luck, this was our chance to choose out the present we really wanted.  We could not believe our dad was being so generous.

I had been eying this boom box for a while and I went up and got it.  I was in heaven because every teenager of my generation had or thought they needed one.  My father did not even wince.  My siblings all got their items.

I enjoyed that boom box for several Christmases after that one.

We still got presents under the tree that Christmas, but the holidays always bring this memory back to mind of my dad.  He has long since passed away.  I miss him and remember that in his own way he showed that he loved his children.  Merry Christmas, Dad, wherever you are!

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