A Christmas Scene From St. Fidelis Friary, Guam

This beautiful Christmas display from the long standing St Fidelis Friary on Guam captured on video with Christmas music brings in the perfect holiday spirit. Enjoy!

5 thoughts on “A Christmas Scene From St. Fidelis Friary, Guam

  1. This was beautifully photographed. The Muna Quinata family did a great job. I thoroughly enjoyed seeing the finished product. I missed the hot air balloons but I imagined that was where it was being filmed. Great job in decorating and putting the villages together. God Bless You for keeping Christ in Christmas.

  2. The display brought back childhood dreams. Thanks to the Friars and all the families who took part in bringing this to the people of Guam. It is nice to have a place to bring people together to enjoy the spirit of christmas.

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