Christmas is Creepy

Fred Figglehorn gives us an hilarious music video of the Christmas holiday from a different point of view.  More creative works can be found on his site at this link:

3 thoughts on “Christmas is Creepy

  1. I think Christmas is Creepy is an awsome video. Don’t you think Fred has an weird but cool scream. As I saw the music video I thought Christmas is creepy. Obviously it’s scary because if you think about it Santa Claus breaks into your house to give you presents.

    I’m out dog

  2. don’t you think it’s horrible when people make fun of Fred. He’s such a talented and hilarious guy. He deserves better than that. I really feel sad for his brother because he’s kind of making fun of 6 year old. But I really don’t care because I’m just happy he inspired him or else he wouldn’t have made the videos. Comment back!


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