A New Year’s Resolution: Helping Your Friends Find Jobs

This past year has been a horrific year for job seekers. I have been one of the lucky ones to have found a job almost immediately when my facility was closed down due to a merger about a year ago. However, many of my colleagues have not been so lucky and have been unemployed for months.  I know some people who have been unemployed for years.

As the economy continues to make its slow climb up, it is still going to be rough going into 2010.  There will be more layoffs.  Traditional job seeking methods, although valid, are not getting the results due to the volume of job seekers.  Many jobs are not advertised heavily and job seekers may not be aware of them.

For those of us who are employed, we can be important resources to our friends.  We can offer to pass their resume and introduce them at the same time to decision makers who need talent and their skill sets.   We an invite them as guests to networking events and mixers.   We can let them know about resources for job seekers that they may not be aware of that can give them the extra edge.

Perhaps as we move into the new year,  part of our resolutions is to actively assist the one, two or three of our friends who need a job.  Just being there for them even just to advise, listen and support will go a long way.  Remember, we are all vulnerable to the same fate and supporting each other is the only way to get through this difficult period.

Being  a job advocate for your unemployed friends seems like a noble goal for 2010!

8 thoughts on “A New Year’s Resolution: Helping Your Friends Find Jobs

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