Making True Connections, The Challenge of the New Decade

With all the advances in technology, communication and all forms of social media, the ability for us as humans to connect with individuals as increased. According to the experts,  these technologies will just increase in scope and in functionality.

However, amidst all this great technological advancement,  some sociologists and human behaviorists point to us developing less deep relationships with a few people and much more short and micro relationships with many people.  When you look at the framework of the current and some of the projected  communication technologies,  trends do point that way.  It makes for interesting thesis and dissertation papers.

However, there is something that makes me wonder – why don’t we buck these trends?  I don’t mean abandon the technologies, but build them and position them to encourage the kind of communication and interaction that humans thrive on…the deep and meaningful kind.

I am not talking just about romantic love,  but about all the types of relationships we enjoy in life from community, professional, friendships, etc.  While we want access to be instantaneous, when we get there we should be able to stay, build , nurture and enjoy the people we meet.

Of course, these technologies should encourage face to face meetings where possible. Where it is not possible, it should be the next very best thing and not simply a shell of the real thing.

So as we listen to these Orwellian predictions of our future,  they are simply not set in stone. We can use them as an impetus to truly make the world we really want and to use these  tools the way that will truly benefit our lives.  We never need to lose being human.

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