American Idol is Where America is the Star

Ryan Seacrest American Idol Boston Auditions

Watching the first episode of American Idol’s new season, reminded me of  how it has become this iconic TV show in America. Sure Paula Abdul is gone and Simon Cowell has announced that this is his final year.  It had me wondering what was going to happen to the show?

With Ellen DeGeneres on her way in as a new judge this season, I know changes are in store.  However, I believe the changes will not hurt the show but simply give it new life.  The real stars of the show have been the contestants and, well, us-America.

I mean our votes have literally made superstars out of some of the winners and some of those who have not won.  We even got an Academy Award winner out of the bunch.  Some of our votes launched broadway careers, talk show hosts and other assorted careers for these aspiring idols.  We also voted in some misses.  Taylor Hicks?   Bad America!   Yet wasn’t it fun?

So American Idol is here.  Many will raise their nose and say the show is silly. However the ratings point out that a lot of us are watching it.  Billboard’s top 100, the music industry, the Grammys, etc.  have loved the results.  So you can poo poo it all you want,  it is a phenomenon that this country has embraced into its cultural fabric.  You might as well enjoy the ride.

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham Guest Judge American idol

I must admit the first auditions in Boston had me wincing with some of the really bad performances.  So I am glad they teased us with enough good performances to let us know that there is some real talent that will be showcased later.  I also loved it when guest judge, Victoria ” Posh Spice ” Beckham called out Simon on why he rolled his eyes on her.  Kara DioGuardi was also on fire.  So Paula, we miss you, but we will survive.

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