The Power of Customer Testimonies

There is no doubt that if your customers are singing your praises then people listen and are more likely to buy your products and services. You can the have nicest looking store front or the most interactive web site, but if your product or service stinks, and your customers are dissatisfied, you might as well shut your business down.

That is why fundamental to marketing your business is using your customers to sell your services and products.  One way to do it online is to post video clips of customers talking about how your services and products have benefited them or their businesses. It does not have to be slick or orchestrated.  You can use a the video camera on your phone to shoot it most cases and the quality is good enough.  In fact the more natural these testimonials, the better.

You can post them on you tube and/or your website.  Of course, get your customers written consent. Your lawyer can draft the necessary document.

When the video(s) is shot and completed,  you have an effective marketing tactic to reach potential customers that will get them interested in what your business has to offer.

Here are some examples of  what we use at CFO Rick Inc.

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