Amazing Race Features Two Brothers – One Straight and One Gay

Daniel and Jordan Pious

Jordan and Daniel Pious , from Barrington, Rhode Island, will be one of the pair of the new competitors in the next season of Amazing Race set to kick off on Sunday, February 14th on CBS.

Openly Gay, Jordan has dreamed of being on the show and is quite enthusiastic for the adventure he and his brother is embarking on in this race.   His older straight brother, Daniel,  is out of his comfort zone and is coming along to support his brother’s dream.

It already has the makings of a great storyline and perhaps some drama that can only arise out of this unique sibling combination.

The Amazing Race is one of my favorite TV shows because of the unique places the contestants get to travel to and also because of the race itself.

I will be tuning in this season. I hope you do, too.

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