The Pieces of My Heart

Pieces of My Heart Miss You by Uki Kun

There are some days when the most wonderful things happen in your life and the worst things happen in your life at the same time.  It is like being on a roller coaster where you are going up and down at the same time. Your tears of joy and sadness get mixed up.  Your emotions get whipped around  from elation to sadness, and eventually to numbness.

You wonder sometimes if you are in someone else’s elaborate game of chess,  because for these events to come about on the same day are too coincidental.

Yet, you realize that such is life.

You have to face it.

With the joys come the sadness.

Even if they come in the same day.

Eventually, growth comes out of all of these experiences if you seek it but it takes time.

Today,  I am not yet ready to handle that journey.

I simply want to be.

My mind wanders back to my boyhood to the beach ( “tasi” in my native chamorro language) where I ran along my island shore without a care in the world.  I need that place right now.

I need that peace.

I need to find a way to pick up the pieces of my heart.

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