Lily Holbrook – Beautiful Voice Fills the Streets of San Francisco

Lily Holbrook

There is a beautiful voice that seems to fill the area on the corner of 18th and Castro Street on some days in San Francisco.  Her voice is clear, crisp and beautiful.  You cannot help but stop and notice.

Well, the last time that I heard this voice and stopped,  I wanted to find out who was this young woman?  Her name is Lily Holbrook.  She was not simply a street singer but a music artist who has released  albums, music videos and has done gigs.

Lily holbrook

She is a talent that needs to be discovered and put on a larger stage in the music world.  She has a unique view and  has performed in other cities.  She performs on streets, subways and also in regular venues.  She is so organic in her approach and very unlike the “American Idol”  world of today.  Her voice alone outshines most of the contestants that have even won on that show.

Listening to Lily Holbrook sing is indeed an experience which transports you away from whatever cares you have at that moment.  It is what real good music should do.

I found some clips of her performances.

2 thoughts on “Lily Holbrook – Beautiful Voice Fills the Streets of San Francisco

  1. Lily is great and deserves a lot of recognition and success. Saying she is better than most American Idol contestants is not really saying a whole lot since very few AI contestants have amounted to much after the show.

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