Finding True Love

On this eve before Valentine’s Day as Lovers prepare to give heart shape boxes filled with   chocolates and  beautifully arranged flowers accompanied by cards with words of undying love for eachother,  we are caught up with the epitome of finding true love. Our culture is saturated with stories and music about this lifelong quest we all seem to be engaged in every day we are awake in life.

However, the one true love we seem to neglect to search for many times… the real true love,  is loving ourselves.  It is the hardest love for many of us to find sometimes. We seem to not believe that it is real or even exists by the way we give up on really pursuing it at times.

So perhaps on this Valentines Day,  let us extend that hug or that one beautiful rose to that true love….ourselves.  You deserve it. Happy Valentines Day!

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