When the Glass House Breaks

Love sometimes is not enough, even when two good people are involved. When communication decays and things are left unsaid, even with what we believed were the best intentions, it eats away at the foundation of a relationship. Like a Glass House , it collapses and shatters to the ground.

Glass is hard to put back together, if not impossible.  However, when good people are involved who love each other, counseling helps to guide them to what is eventually best for each of them.  There is an unknown to this route but they owe it to each other.

It like holding on to each other on a raft on heavy rapids and when things calm down, hopefully we will find safe harbor in whatever place that lands us.

Honesty has put us in a pretty raw place now and we tread with  as much tenderness with each other as possible.  The sadness can be overpowering at times but it is better place because now there is movement.

There is shattered glass all around us.  There is also a broom and a dustpan. We just need to get to work to start cleaning things up.

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