Friends Who Stand By You and For You

There are moments in your life when the power of friendships reveal themselves in such a way that you understand what it means to have them in your life.  Recently, there have been a few of these moments where these friends have been there to hold me up, to remind me of who I am, to reassure me  and to make me believe in myself again.

They stand by me and for me.  I do the same for them.

When you read about the great friendships throughout history and the deep bonds that tie in to such associations you realize what actual power that is enabled with them.  As I write this short post my mind if filled with the faces of  my closest friends and what they bring to my life.

There is this bond that we have that cannot be severed and it will carry each of us through this life.  I am grateful to them for the opportunity to join them in the journey.

It is truly “All for One and One for All!”

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