Down the Rabbit Hole with Andy!

It was one of those days.   It started with lunch. Buffet Indian food with my good friend, Andy.  The spicy, hot food and the warmth of the restaurant was welcomed compared to the cold, windy San Francisco Day outside.

We talked and talked.  We touched on everything from relationships to some discussion on the Young and Restless,  his favorite soap opera.

After two trips to the buffet line, we were filled.  Now, he wanted to do laundry and work on his resume.  B-O-R-I-N-G!

I had different plans.

He has done so much for me as a friend and even as a business colleague, I wanted to surprise him.

He asked me where I was going.  I said Powell.

He asked me, “Why?”

I did not answer him. I just smiled.

He got really curious and then he kept trying to guess.  I knew I got him. Andy is more curious than a teenage girl with a cell phone on gossip conference call with four of her bff’s.  He did not head for home, he followed me.

On our walk towards Powell Street, I finally told him we were going to see a movie. I said it was Alice in Wonderland with Johnny Depp.

He was game to see it.

During our walk we had the best time joking and talking, mostly about sex.  We were also enjoying the eye candy passing by.

We finally ended up in the movie theaters in the Westfield Mall. Andy almost bailed out in the last minute.  I bought the tickets quickly and before you knew it we were at our seats to see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D.

The film was beautiful to watch and the plot put an interesting twist  to the original story but it was all about being your authentic self.

Andy was really into it because he was making all kinds of verbal emotional responses during the movie. It was fun to watch just enjoy the movie.  I enjoyed movie and I enjoyed sharing movie with Andy.

It was raining and windy on the way back.  We even stopped by Neiman Marcus to get out of the rain. Andy even tried out this strong cologne and I can smell him from a block away.

I got wet from the rain but I was smiling inside because I was able to spend time with my good friend, Andy.

4 thoughts on “Down the Rabbit Hole with Andy!

  1. What a treat it was to spend time with you my dear Alice! Totally unexpected and surprised! It’s nice to fall into the rabbit hole once and awhile with a friend and then return with a better understanding of the day and the world we live in when we climb back up. Thank you for a great day and next time I will stay away from the Jo Malone cologne counter and bathe in Tom Ford instead!

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