Lady Gaga and Beyonce – Hot “Telephone” Music Video

Lady Gaga Telephone

Beyonce - Telephone

Lady Gaga and Beyonce have premiered and turned out a very hot new music video.  How I can say is Wow!  I mean Holy Sh**!  Wow!  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Lady Gaga and Beyonce – Hot “Telephone” Music Video

  1. As always Lady Gaga has her unique style and I like how she’s mixing up poison in the restaurant kitchen. However, something is missing! Not enough men. It’s good, not graet.

  2. Glad these were on sale…the materials feel good/not rough, screen print did not have faults, top stitched to bottom in a way they won’t fall apart easy. The black sole is great for keeping these from looking dirty too fast. inside is fairly comfy but no arch support.

    the only issue i have seen with these shoes, is that the sides are one panel, and tends to crease/wrinkle at the toe. I suppose with time and wearing in these will become soft and it’ll be just fine 🙂

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