The Downward Spiral of Vengeance

Sometimes when you are hurt or rejected,  the tendency is to lash out at the person who has wronged you. I think everyone has felt this at one time or another in their lives.  We are all human and I guess it is easier to take that low road.  It is toxic.

There are movies, TV shows, and novels that have been based on such stories and revenge of such obsessions.  In such realms of fiction and entertainment, they often forget the sad reality and truth.

The real victim of all the vengeful hatred is not the intended target but the person consumed with the rage.  Such vengeance poisons the mind and consumes the person.  The pain that was originally felt is only multiplied a thousand fold and worsened.

I have found in my own life that you cannot change people’s minds, or hearts, or likes some times. Yes, it hurts at times.  Yes, you have to work through it.  Yes, it is about them and not you. Yes, you have to move on and love yourself.

Eventually, the positive steps take you away from the hurt, than there is forgiveness and then there is freedom of the soul.

You are worth this journey upward and not the downward spiral of vengeance.

Yes, you are worth it.  Believe.

2 thoughts on “The Downward Spiral of Vengeance

  1. Always remember, you are important to yourself first and then from that springs the ability to be there for others around you.

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