One of the biggest surprises about moving to San Francisco is that a little spitfire of a good looking, smart ass talking, bag carrying Mexican gay boy would turn out to be one of my dearest friends.  He is my Georgie.

He trash talks me on Face Book and teases me relentlessly, but he loves me like no other.  This Latino  has such a big heart. He checks up on me daily to find out how I am doing or  just to gab.

My Georgie

I knew Georgie before I knew the rest of them. He has always been there for me.

I met him at one of the bars in the Castro District in San Francisco with another good friend of mine, Ray.  Georgie is reserved at first but as soon as he warms up to you, that ends …and this personality come out that is gregarious and funny.

He loves to carry a bag or purse or whatever.  He always wears a baseball cap backwards ( which in the gay world means something…just saying, Georgie).  And there is one thing that Georgie loves…..MEN.   He is not shy about it at all.

Georgie getting ready to meet some MEN

He has those Latin good looks and he works the gay scene in the Castro like a master.  He celebrates his love of MEN -and as he puts it- their “packages.”  Georgie goes so UPS when he gushes about this stuff.

Georgie may seem like a gentle man on the surface but never, never, never, never cross him or someone he loves.  He will will fight back.  He hates it when he feels he has been wronged or someone has been wronged. He does not like to be pushed around.  That purse of his can be a deadly weapon.

He also is Mariah Carey’s number one fan!  Seriously,  he posts her videos every day on Face Book.  He plays her music constantly at his house , on his smart phone, and in his mind.  If he could, he would be Mariah Carey.

He loves good food. Who doesn’t , right?  One of his daily questions to me is “What are you having for lunch?”  Then he proceeds to tell me what he is having or what he will be making for dinner later on.  Like his men, he wants his meals to be delicious.

Georgie has a twin brother named Jimmy who is also gay.  They are so hooked together at the hip.  They really care and watch out for each other and I think it a wonderful that they have that relationship.

Georgie is an honest man.  He requires that of his friends.  That is why I love this man and why he his my friend.  At his core, he is the guy who really just wants to live a good , honest life.

I am getting emotional writing this post because Georgie is someone I consider to be my brother and my family.  I realized now he has been a real gift to my life and it would not be the same without him.

You mean the world to me,  Georgie.

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