A Saturday Night of Squeaky, Ana Mae and Other Wild Adventures

Ana Mae Cox

I got on the roller coaster of Saturday in the Castro with my funky bunch of friends and the ride when up and down, side to side, backwards and forwards.  Oh did I say it was mainly caused by that little sprite of a tornado named Squeaky.

He made Hurricane Katrina look like a prayerful nun who took a vow of silence.  A few drinks and that boy was jumping around the bar and manhandling women ( and he is gay).

Before you knew it we were on our way to Marlena’s to see Ana Mae Coxxx perform in the Hayes Valley Follies.  Wade, Georgie, Squeaky and I took a cab.  Squeaky stuck his head out the window and started shouting lovely words like “Stupid” and “Shut Up!'” at people we were passing by.

When we arrived at our destination, we still had time before the show started.  I took Squeaky into the restaurant next door to eat to see if that will help him get sober.  He wanted to eat french fries.  He was calling random friends on his phone leaving interesting messages. He then went out to the patio section of the restaurant and did not return.

Georgie came into the restaurant. I gave him the french fires to hold since Squeaky had not eaten them. I went to look for Squeaky.  I called his name in the patio section. No one answered. I could not find him.

I left the restaurant thinking that Squeaky had also left it.  I found Georgie outside, who promptly told me he ate all the fries.  He said he was hungry.

I went into Marlena’s and found my best friend, Chris there.  I told him that we could not find Squeaky. He said that was not good.  We all went searching again.

I peeked my head into the patio section of the restaurant from the outside and asked the guy sitting there if he had seen someone that looked like Squeaky. At the same time, Chris heard a voice yelling “Someone help me!”  He made a beeline into the patio and found a drunken and wasted Squeaky.

Like a drill Sergeant, Chris took command and got Squeaky to follow him back to his car and took him home.  I later found out that Squeaky basically heaved up his lunch the whole way back and at Chris’s apartment. Nice.

Chris eventually made it back to Marlena’s. The show was especially great! The performers were on fire! Ana Mae Coxxx was her usual fabulous self. The others also also gave some over the top great performances. We heard Queen and Journey songs. We also got some Judy Garland and Country Music. The whole place was rocking and dancing.  It was so much fun to release the stress and wildness of the earlier evening.

Georgie left.  Chris stayed most of the show.  There was a lot of good natured flirting and fun!  Wade found him a little Latin fun!

When the show ended, I waited outside seated on a bench.  I was joined by some nurses and their friends. I was waiting for my roommate to pick me up.  During that time this nurse named Rey talked to me and gave me his number and asked me to have dinner with him next week. I think I will take him up on that offer.  It was not a bad Saturday night after all.

2 thoughts on “A Saturday Night of Squeaky, Ana Mae and Other Wild Adventures

  1. What an interesting night, sounds like you had your hands full with Squeaky! Love the blog, looking forward to all the Vegas stories and photos.

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